Introducing: My Research Topic!

So yesterday, with the help of a couple of program coordinators, I was able to finalize a research topic for my field study.  And I am very excited to start doing research and cannot wait to be out in Guanajuato doing interviews and interacting with the people and getting their opinions about things.  I will be researching the impact of the media on the people, mainly on how it influences their education and their perceptions of it.  Do people educate themselves through watching television or listening to the radio?  I will also look into the role of the media in identity formation.  Does it change the way people see themselves, does it influence who they aspire to become?  I feel like this is a topic that will get me really excited about doing research, which is not normally something I think to be excited about.

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1 Response to Introducing: My Research Topic!

  1. I love these ideas for your project. How will you define how people “educate themselves”? What kinds of questions can you ask to find out how the media affects identity?

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