25 Questions

So I came up with 25 questions about the field study pertaining to the trip/my research and whatnot.

1. Are sources of media a main source of entertainment in these rural villages of Guanajuato?

2. Do people consider television to be a valid source of educational programs?  Or do they watch solely for entertainment?

3. Does seeing tv characters go on to higher education inspire children watching to be excited about the possibility of college?

4. Are students more excited about learning in the classroom when media sources are involved?

5. How many hours on average a day are spent watching tv, listening to the radio, ect?

6. How is media used in education?

7. Where is the closest radio station/broadcast station?

8. What is the role of the media in identity formation?

9. Do people change their perceptions of the world based on what they see on tv?

10. What do rural villagers think the US/Europe are like based on television shows, radio, music?

11. What school subjects are covered in “Telesecundaria?”

12. Is there a possibility for me to volunteer at a local media station and spend a couple of hours there a week?

13. How can I meaningfully contribute to the home environment of the host family?

14. What do the people there feel that they have learned from tv?

15. What are the most popular shows per age group/gender group?

16. How many people from the village have continued on to receive a college education?

17. How many people graduate from high school?

18.  How do women perceive the women on tv and do they ever feel like they are pressured to be that way?  What about the men?  The children?

19.  How often will I have access to the internet to do research, e-mail family, etc?

20. When will I know who I will be staying with and will I be able to contact them ahead of time?

21. How do arrangements work to go to church?

22. What is something important to bring with me that most people don’t think to bring?

23.  Does the media play a role in identity formation?

24. What do children know about the media and what perceptions do they have of it?

25. What does the media intend to get across to their viewers?

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