What changes to expect?

I had been a little worried about the status of my research question, because I proposed one thing, started doing research and it has been shifting a little ever since.  I know that I want to study how the media influences the youth on their identity and desires, mainly their desires to do with education.  But for some reason this still seems to be so broad and it seems like a lot of area to cover.  Maybe it won’t be though.  Spending all this time going through articles to help me with my research makes me realize that my focus isn’t set yet.  That worried me a lot.

Fortunately, last class, I heard that it’s normal for your research question to change a little.  That’s sometimes it even changes during the field study.  I’m actually expecting that to happen for me.  I know it won’t shift a lot because media influence interests me a lot, but I don’t expect that everything will go the way I plan and that people will have the answers that I want to hear.  I will have to be flexible to the things I can’t control.  Regardless of what my focus shifts to, I know I will learn a lot and I know that I will gain an amazing experience.

Considering the changes that might occur within my project also make me think about the changes that might occur within myself.  I don’t expect to be the same person I am now when I leave Mexico.  I hope that my experience will teach me about my history.  And I hope that working on my research will help me understand how the media influenced my personal identity and my decisions regarding my education and any other big life decisions I’ve encountered.  I mean, the media is constantly bombarding the public with one opinion or other and we have to choose how it affects us, which side to take, or whether to take a side at all.

The plan I write out for myself for my experience in Mexico will change up a bit once I get there.  I guess I’m trying to expect the unexpected so that I am prepared for any sudden changes that might occur within my research, myself, my timeline, etc.  I hope that regardless of what happens, I will keep a positive outlook throughout the experience.

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