Mock IRB

For days, the upcoming mock IRB that we were to have in class was making me nervous.  I normally dread for my peers to read through my work and have the freedom to critique it.  But this mock IRB wasintended for them to critique it.  I wasn’t sure I had done enough editing to my IRB Protocol for them to understand my project and to understand my procedures.  Another thing that was making me nervous was the fact that I am studying a vulnerable population: youth.  If there was anything wrong, or that seemed unethical, I might have to start over.  Or just have a lot of editing to do, and that made me just as nervous.  What if I could not edit it to be acceptable?  This project has become so important to me and I really want the opportunity to be able to do it.

By the time I got to class, my nerves had calmed a little.  This exercise was actually really useful and I got some really great feedback and insight.  I heard my peers point out things that I completely missed and they gave me suggestions that I had not even considered.  Overall, I was told I needed to make minor adjustments and make things more clear so that everything matched up all the way through.  I shouldn’t have been nervous at all because it wasn’t a big deal and it was really useful.

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