A Thought on my Mind

Every day is getting harder and harder out here as far as work is concerned.  Deadlines run through my head as if there’s nothing else to make me worry.  But, of course, there is, so I sit worrying about other things at the same time.  This week, it’s stressed me out so much that I haven’t done very much on my actual project.  I’ve chosen to take a break and instead have done classwork instead of interviews and whatnot.  I learned a lot of interesting things about the economy of a country and how that affects development.  There are so many factors that play into successful development and they are not only economic.  But a decent economy or at least a growing one is important for the country’s success.  However, so many little things can affect the economy that it hard to get all necessary conditions to be ideal all at once so that the country develops the way it should.  Most third world countries are stuck in the position because all the necessary factors aren’t ideal at the same time.
Other times, it is the education or lack thereof that makes it hard for a country to progress.  The struggling country desires to improve and diversify their economy but lacks necessary funding to educate and teach other skills to its people, which problem could be solved by improving their economy.  It is hard to get all the conditions right at one time.
I sit here, thinking about how lucky I am to have been raised in a first world country, where things are easier than I ever realized.  I am richer than anyone in this village.  And I have more education than many of the people here will ever have.  It doesn’t mean I am any smarter than them and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m a harder worker than they are.  The conditions set forth in my country and in my life have just been ideal.  I was born into an already developed country and that was a huge blessing.  Mexico is also a developed country, but the village I live in does not have all the amenities and luxuries I experience back home.  My biggest struggles out here are not having a toilet and shower like the ones I do in the US and also the lack of internet in this town.  The wonderful people of El Encino don’t complain about their lack in these things.  It makes me examine just what kind of person I am.  Who am I to complain about these things when I will be here for only three months?  It is really hard to know that these people haven’t had successful crops in years, to know that they have lost a lot of their livestock and that they can’t afford a lot of basic things that people in the US don’t want to live without.  They could alter their economic situation if they only had rain to plant their crops.  But they don’t control the rain.  This is something completely out of their control.  The young boys usually stop going to school after middle school so that they can go work in the fields with their dads.  Their parents can’t afford high school tuition or they can’t afford to pay for the transportation.  I can’t bring myself to encourage these boys to continue their education because I know it is out of their control.  If I were to come across someone in the US struggling with this decision, I would definitely encourage them to go on to high school.  The situation here is different.  Things are harder and tougher and can’t be solved simply with encouragement.  Some money is needed and at this point there is not enough.  For these towns to further develop, greater education is needed, but because of the lack of money, it is hard to encourage the education necessary.  It’s a vicious cycle and I see it here too.  I wish that I could just learn to accustom myself to the situation and live life, rather than looking for what could be if these people only had the resources.  Living in the villages is so different, but I want it to feel like a breath of fresh air.  Because that’s sort of what it is.  The great people of El Encino are living happily through their days despite not having internet or frequent rainfall or successful crops.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, so I want to welcome their way of life into my life.

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